Timeless classic

Generation after generation the long history of the Colonna family, marked by epic deeds 
accomplished by his descendants, friends and inspirers of the Popes and people like
 Michelangelo Buonarroti; cited and honored, among others, by Dante Alighieri, 
Francesco Petrarca, Niccolo Machiavelli and Ludovico Ariosto, has arrived to Fabio Colonna 
di Stigliano, educated man and distinct that employed the refinement and elegance inherited 
from his family in the foundation of a high-class brand watches.
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Fabio Colonna.
His basic training was supplemented by many significant 
contacts with his customers, who had acquired and made 
their suggestions and thoughts in order to give birth to genuine elegant accessories, crafted in detail and they were marked in its own philosophical concept. 
The result is the unisex watch brand, Those models contain 
the personality of a family rich in history and famous people and famous, composed of generals, cardinals, mayors, 
senators, poets and philosophers, each of which it has 
influenced the character, feelings and imagination of 
generations that have lived and that Fabio Colonna 
di Stigliano has poured into its timepieces.
One of the leading characteristics of the brand is the 
creation of exclusive and refined tailor cuffs for watches.Straps are really special, born out of the ancient 
craftsmanship of the Neapolitan tailors traditions.
The precision is absolute, Each cuff is made entirely by
 the hands of skillful masters, whose art has been passed down and pours in every centimeter of fabric, every
 button and cutting scissors used to create some really 
unique cuffs. You can choose between multiple tissue
 fantasies which we will use to create your strap-cuff,
 and then it will be combined with gold or silver 
buckles and details that will make our timepieces 
an exclusive and unique jewel.


Watches, Luxury, sexy, mens Watches,

The philosophical concept that Fabio Colonna di Stigliano put into the creation of his watches stems from the conviction that the most valuable thing you can have is time: time to work, to be in the family, for holidays, for living material wealth and that of emotions. By virtue of this priceless treasure, hours and minutes must be marked by unique watches which combine ancient craftsmanship and advanced technologies and are made with excellent materials. There is nothing else like a Colonna watches for a refined person who wants to buy and wear a particular object that distinguishes him.